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Opcionals - Nature


Trip to Viñales

It includes:

  • Acclimatized bus and guide service.
  • Exit toward Viñales.
  • Stop in the Watch-Tower of The Jazmines.
  • See panoramic for the Valley of Viñales and the Mural of the Prehistory.
  • Journey in craft for the underground river of the Cave of the Indian.
  • Eat lunch in a restaurant of the tourist area.
  • It visits to the Factories of tobacco and of the rum “Guava of the Pinegrove”.
  • Return to the hotels of City of the Havana.
Tobacco, Soroa and the Moka

It includes:

  • Exit toward Pinar del Rio. It visits to it Manufactures it of Tobaccos of Candelaria.
  • Exit toward Soroa (10 kilometers).
  • Cocktail of Welcome in Soroa.
  • It visits the Orquideario in Soroa.
  • It visits to the Jump of Soroa (Traveled on foot in pending aprox. -500 meters).
  • Eat lunch in Soroa with an included liquid. Livening up the Lunch, musical group with live Cuban traditional music.
  • Exit for The MOKA welcome .Cóctel in Ranch Curujey; explanation of the journey.
  • It visits to the ruins of the French Coffee plantation Buenavista of the XIX Century.
  • It visits to the Community The Terraces .Visita to the house of POLO MONTAÑEZ and to the Plastic Artist's house shop Lester Campos.
  • Transfer toward the RIVER SAN JUAN (Time for bathroom one hour).
  • Exit toward the Havana.


- For the nature places that visit, it is recommended to use shoes and appropriate clothes.
- To wear the Suit of Bathroom for the enjoyment in the River, there is not room for the change of Clothes.
- The clients that don't want to visit the Jump, will be able to remain in the Restaurant “The Jump”, enjoying the musical group.

Trip to river Canimar (Matanzas)

It includes:

  • Acclimatized bus and guide service.
  • Panoramic journey of traffic for the city of Matanzas.
  • Change of Bus in the esplanade that there is in the highway that drives toward the river.
  • Transfer toward the pier and enjoyment of a welcome cocktail livened up with live Cuban traditional music.
  • At 12:15 o'clock to approach the craft, and cocktail. Walk laughs up (around 11 Km. ), until the grove.
  • Eeat lunch Creole in The Grove and recreational activities.
  • Rides to horses, in boats, it mounts of bulls, rest in hammocks, bathroom in the river ,animatión with musical group.
  • Return in the craft river down.
  • Return to The City of the Havana.

Trip to the Moka ( Green that love you green)

It includes:

  • Acclimatized bus and guide service.
  • It visits to the Tourist Complex The Terraces, located in the Rosario's Sierra, Pinar del Rio.
  • Greeting and welcome cocktail in Ranch Curujey and specialized /guía.
  • Traveled on foot by the community The Terraces, contacting with their residents, handmade shops and artists.
  • It visits to the Garden The Union and the house of the rural Goenaga.
  • It visits to the reconstructed ruins of the coffee plantation Good View, only coffee country property of the XIX century where you will be able to know the process of production of the coffee.
  • It visits to the River San Juan, beautiful well-known natural spa from last century for their springs of sulfurous waters.
  • Eat lunch in a restaurant of the area.
  • The stay of the clients after lunch, it can be made before in anyone of the places visited.
  • Return to City of the Havana.
Aborigine enjoy (Trip to Guama, Matanzas)

Complex tourist conceived amid a beautiful lagoon, where he/she will be able to admire the biggest hatchery in crocodiles of Cuba. Replica of a village Taina, with magnificent sculptures that remember our aboriginal past.

It includes:

  • Transport acclimatized and guide service.
  • It visits to the Property Rural Party.
  • Traveled by Guamá.
  • It visits to the hatchery of crocodiles.
  • Journey in craft until the village taína.
  • Eat lunch in the tourist area.

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