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  Nautical - Fishing in Cuba
The fishing in Cuba has its biggest possibilities in the south area of the archipelago where there are big coralline barriers and groups of keys and islands that facilitate the development of the different marine species. They are used the fishing so much in open sea (height fishing), fly fishes, submarine fishes and other modalities. Top Beach Travels provides you some interesting vacations fishing in the Cuban Caribbean.

Fishing in openwater

  Fishing in Zapata
The Peninsula of Zapata is located in the south of the central region of Cuba, it embraces an approximate area of half million of hectares forming the biggest peninsula of the island and it is portadora of a great potential of natural resources of high ecological value, they stand out among their ecosystems the herbazales of marsh, the swamps, the forests semideciduos and the swamps. The diversity and conservation of their local ecosystems, make that in their flora and fauna stands out a great diversity of species with a high endemismo local and national making it one of the natural regions of more biodiversity of Cuba, they are reported so far but of 1000 species of plants of which 5 are endemic local. The wild fauna this compound one for but of 200 species of birds of them 65 migratory, being reported for the territory endemic 21 of 24 o'clock of Cuba and threatened 14 of 21 o'clock, 12 species of mammals, 37 of reptiles and 11 of amphibians. The mediates temperature yearly it is of 24.5░C with a minimum stocking of 18░C and a stocking maxim of 38░C. The minimum temperatures in the winter time (December-February) they are among the lowest in Cuba.
Top Beach Travels offers them packages of fishing fly in Zapata, for that their desire is made reality!.

Sport fishing in Hatiguanico river

Sport fishing in La laguna del tesoro

Sport fishing in Las salinas de Brito


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