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Our travel agency Top Beach Travels s.a. , specializes in nautical tourism and her badges product is diving with life on board to the south of Cuba.

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Top Beach Travels invites you to go into with us in the Sea of the Antilles the same as 500 years behind the great settler Diego Velásquez navigated for these same waters and we will arrive this way to the Archipelago from the Canarreos to the south of Cuba.

This region located in the Caribbean Sea of wonderful funds and corals, is conformed by a group of keys of great bio-geographic importance, which are in turn refuge and abundant diverse populations' of the Cuban flora and fauna. Different species, good part of which are in extinction danger, finds fundamentally in this earthly paradise its welcoming repair due to the absolute absence of one of its biggest depredator, "the man"; as they are “caguama”, “the tortoiseshell” and “the green turtle”, all them marine turtles. In one of these keys, the Key “Sijú” is the Biological Station that is a company of conservation of species in extinction in essence.

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Two forms of protection of the marine means that work in an or another way as protected areas, exist; they are: the areas in special regime of use and protection, and the diving areas. These last ones contain important points of great value scenic, landscape and of high marine biodiversity constituting attractiveness for the development of the contemplative diving. Also when diving in this area you can either verify the existence of well conserved coralline formations and the presence of important populations of local and migratory species of great significance from the economic point, as conservationist.

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