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Cuba is the most extensive Island in the Caribbean. she has 775 miles long, with a total area 4287 square miles. The next territories are: The Florida (90 miles from Key West to the Havana), The Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica and the Republic Of the Dominican Republic.

The population is of a little but of 11 million inhabitants, of those which, more than 2 millions they live in Havana. However, Cuba is a mostly agrarian society whose main products are: sugar, fruits, citric and, of course, the tobacco.

The Instruction, the health publishes, the biotechnology, the culture and the sport, they are the strong of the country.

The climate is subtropical with an annual half temperature of 77°F (25°C). The average of humidity is of 77% between November and May, and outside of this period it increases until 82%. However, the climate spreads to be much more stable that in other Caribbean destinations.

The Cubans are, particularly, friendly people, to which they like to be offered hospital, showing their communication capacity by means of fundamentally English several languages.


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