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Cuba - Regulations



Who visit the country they should have an effective passport or a trip document sent to their name and the corresponding visa or the tourist's card. This will be been able to request in the Cuban consular representations, in the travel agencies, airlines and in the International Airport to their arrival to Cuba.

Two visa types or the tourist's card exist: one stops individual tourists or tourists that travel in group stops. Businessmen, journalists in work function, and natural of Cuba non residents or that they show another nationality, they will obtain a visa sent in a Cuban consulate.

To people residents in the United States are not consigned in their passports the entrance to our country.



They are exempt of taxes: the objects of personal use, own jewels, photographic cameras or of video, sport effects and fishing gears, 2 bottles of liquor, a cardboard of cigarettes and up to 10 kg of medications. Also, articles can be cared by a value of up to 250.00 cuc; of this sum, 50.00 cuc is exempt of payment and for the remaining ones 200. 00 cuc should be paid a tariff of 100%.

The laws aduaneras prohíben the entrance of pornographic material, narcotics, narcotics, alive animals and firearms, although these last ones yes they can be authorized, when it is weapons for the sport hunt, for the entity in charge of this tourist modality.

The export of works of art, antiques, and other cultural goods protected legally is allowed, with the due documentation of the competent institutions and credited with the purchase invoice.

The maximum value of export of other articles is of a thousand dollars. The craft doesn't require of documentation for its export.

For the export of tobaccos (more than 50 cigars) the visitor will present the invoice of Cigars CORP. which will claim when making the purchase in any store of the country. For further information, to visit the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba


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