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Cuba - Idiosyncracy
What does Cuba mean?

The meaning of its name could be earth, for the aboriginal meaning of this word, belonging to the language araguaco of the culture taína, according to the approaches more diffused by the historiography.

Another meaning attributed recently could be dome, in accordance with the new elements contributed by current studies that attribute a Hispano-Arabic origin to the denomination of the bigger than the Antilles.

However, the Cubans don't repair a lot in these meanings; rather they live proud of the inheritance of the nation and they conserve their idiosyncrasy, born of the connection multicentenario among African, European and citizens of other latitudes, in a cultural sincretismo that today also means cubanía

How are we the Cubans?

The cubanía. It is very difficult to say in few lines what the cubanía is. To big features it can be adduced that is the result of the mixture of ethnoses and diverse cultures that ended up engendering an entity and a culture different to those that gave him origin. For that reason, more than to speak of cubanía is preferable to talk about the Cuban.

The Cuban is like it is: cheerful, dicharachero, nice, ocurrente, in love, hospital, generous, lover of him his and removed and disinterested, however; mocking, hyperbolic and desmesurado. Enthusiast, doesn't exist for him problem that cannot be solved. But mainly the Cuban is noble and I deign patriot.


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