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Cuba - Geography

It embraces a surface of 110 992 km² and it is located in the most western part in the insular Caribbean, to the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico.

They conform it more than 4 000 keys and small islands, standing out the municipality special Island of the Youth, with 2200 surface km². The Island of Cuba, the biggest, also known as The Key of the Gulf, is considered among the biggest in the world.

Around 300 natural beaches of white, fine sands and transparent waters privilege it. The good known one is Shipyard, however, to the east of the capital, in the keys of the blind north of Ávila and Villa Clara, as well as in Holguín and in Long Key of the South, other similar ones exist.

Three mountainous groups, two long regions of savannas, numerous well-known valleys internationally as Viñales, Yumurí and the Geniuses, they travel the Island in their extension. Jumps and cascades in beautiful rivers like the Hanabanilla love the lovers of the nature.

The insularity of the territory and their location below the Tropic of Cancer favor the existence of a pleasant moderate subtropical climate, with prevalence of warm temperatures. As average they exist 330 days of sun a year. They are distinguished two stations: that of rain (May to October) and the one of dry (November to April). The half temperature of 25,5°C (77° F) and that of the coastal waters is of 25°C.
Spindle Schedule
Cuba is governed by the meridian of Greenwich. Of May to October the Schedule of Summer it is adopted with the purpose of taking advantage of to the maximum the solar light, being ahead 1 hour the clocks.

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