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Condition general of the services offered

The information that appears next, summarizes and it defines the general conditions that govern the operations of the organization of trips Top Beach Travels. Once the clients begin their trip arrangements through the Web site they are welcomed automatically to these general conditions.


The reservations are carried out On Line or On request via e-mail. In the event of changes of names or other identification data that don't imply changes in the services they should be notified appropriately to carry out the necessary adjustments. Those alone changes can be sent before the 15 days of the arrival date and they are subject to confirmation. It can happen that a supplier doesn't accept the change for own reasons.

The data registered in the vouchers of service or for sure the client receives to the arrival to Cuba they should coincide with the data of the reservation as well as with the corresponding data in your passport, Top Beach Travels doesn't become responsible for the problems that can exist if those data don't coincide. The reservations of it finishes hour they are accepted and they will not be responded in a term bigger than 72 hours with the confirmation or not of the service and with the conditions that are applied for those cases.

Prices, Confirmations and Payments:

The prices published in the place or correspondents by e-mail are in CUC to the in case another currency is specified. The prices can change without previous warning, to ascend or to lower, but alone they are been worth for the new reservations. The confirmations of the services requested with their corresponding prices On line are carried out or via e-mail.

Once the requested services have been confirmed you have 7 days to make and to notify the total payment that was carried out for Bank transfer to the address that was communicated together with the confirmation of the services. If the total payment is not carried out in the signal period Top Beach Travels the right it is reserved of liberating the carried out reservations.

Changes and Cancellations of Services:

The changes that are carried out in the services that have already been confirmed and paid they have a penalty of 25.00 CUC for each change. Those alone changes can be sent before the 21 days of the arrival date and they are subject to confirmation. It can happen that a supplier doesn't accept changes, in that case the change is considered like a cancellation.

No-presentation (Non Show) that will imply to pay in favor of Top Beach Travels, for passenger, an amount according to the price of the hired service and not canceled previously, in the following way:
a) Transfer in, if has been requested this way: 100% of the amount.
b) From one night, until the whole stay, in the room type and requested nutritious plans; as it settles down in contract signed with the Hotel.
c) The rent of a day of the car requested in the reservation: 100% of the amount.
The air tickets not canceled in time they will be charged according to the penalties determined by each airline in specific and according to the time that it mediates previous the cancellation.

Once in Cuba, services not used voluntarily by the client they are not reimbursable.

Guarantee and Quality of the Services:

The services that have been confirmed by Top Beach Travels and paid by the clients they are unearned to the suppliers and review before the use for the clients the service that there are been agreed and a quick attention to the moment of the client's arrival to assure.

Although the oversale index in very high season in the destination Cuba has decreased to very low indexes, you cannot discard that a service has to be substituted for other similar or of more quality due to a sobreventa. If this happened Top Beach Travels it assumes the expenses to locate and to transfer toward the service substitute but he/she doesn't offer any compensation for this situation. The same politics would be continued if an activity in a program you cannot complete for reasons unaware to the will of Top Beach Travels. In the event of a service that is suspended by bad time or another reason unaware to us and be impossible to substitute, Top Beach Travels the refund politics will continue fixed by the supplier for those cases.

The staff of Top Beach Travels revise periodically, with visits or through references and surveys, the quality of the services that we offer in the web site as well as it tries to maintain modernized the pictures, information, etc that publishes. One works in an uninterrupted way in new bring up to date and improvements of the place web that allow to offer their clients all the kindness and services of the destination Cuba with the information but modernized possible.

Trip documents:

The client is responsible for guaranteeing the documents required for the entrance and exit of Cuba. The corresponding visa, the modernized passport and the ticket round trip or continuous they are indispensable documents for the trip. Top Beach Travels doesn't become responsible for the problems y/o expenses that he/she has the client for nonfulfillment of the migratory and tariff regulations of Cuba. For but information consults migratory and tariff Regulations.

The clients are responsible for chequear and to reconfirm their exit flight as he is indicated in her ticket.

Top Beach Travels doesn't become responsible for the expenses that they can consider the clients for the lost one, it delays or postponement of its exit flight.


The clients should have a insurance, he protects it of such situations as accident, illness or civil responsibility, among other, inside the territory of the Republic of Cuba. If the services bought by the client to Top Beach Travels don't include the insurance, we recommend you that requests it on time. Top Beach Travels offers the advantageous and economic trip insurance and attendance of the Insurance company of the Tourism La Isla CORP. and Asistur with covering in the whole territory of the Republic of Cuba. If you want it requests us, more information.

Top Beach Travels sustains the campaign against the juvenile exploitation. The law punishes with the punishment of the imprisonment the inherent crimes to the prostitution or to the juvenile pornography, even if the same are salesclerks to the foreign countries.



*Writed from Italian and Cuban law, art. 16 of the law, 3 August 1998 ns. 269.

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